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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hold On Chapter 2-by LaVerne Thompson

Sorry I had to delete this chapter. It's been revised and will be coming soon from Red Rose Publishing.


Anonymous said...

Awww..Stephen is so cute. He's already got her married to him.

Nice Isis.


Isis™ said...

Hey Ljay,

Yeah, I like Steph. I did make a small change to this scene though I added that his mother had been killed in a hit and run in broad daylight, in front of witnesses yet the person was never caught. Just to add more dimension to his actions.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I'm almost finished it. What was supposed to be a short 10,000 words took a strange turn and is now over 21,000 words.


divisionred said...

That was a great update. It still seems to soon for him to be thinking about to keep her but it seems that this might be a tradition in his family. The questions that I have is that she is new to the area and she sensed that she was being followed by that creep so why did she move to Seattle? Where is her family? is his grandparents still alive? Thanks for the update.

Isis™ said...

Hi Divisonred,

Unfortunately those answers are provided in later chapters in the story, which I won't post. Sorry.

But I will say this. She didn't know she was being stalked in Seattle, just when she arrived home that night. She moved to Seattle for personal reasons, which I can't divulge, hehehe. And Stephan's grandparents and father are still alive. And yes, the love at first sight thing is a tradition in his family. Her parents live in DC.

I know that's not enough but it's almost done, then I will work on edits and send to my crit group to help me plug the holes. Then finally I'll send to a publisher. But thanks for taking the time to read my work and I hope you are enjoying it.

Before the end of August I'm gonna try to post the first chapter of book 2 of my Brethren story. Dragon's Blood it's Talon's story.


Dyanne said...

Stopping by to say that I love your new signature line. Want to know why? Because I can click on it and it bring me here without any problems. LOL.


Isis™ said...

Hey Dyanne,

I thought you might like that. Hehehe.