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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Dark Shadow The Hidden Series
a dark erotic new adult paranormal


“Run,” he managed to croak out. “Get out of here before they come back.” God the last thing he wanted for her to be attacked by those vampires or whatever the hell they were.

Jett forced himself off the wall and reached for her hand. “Come on, we have to get out of here.” But with his first step away from the wall his head swam, weakened from blood loss, he fell on his knees to the ground. She still held his hand as she leaned over him. For such a tiny thing, her grip felt incredibly strong or he was just that weak, he suspected the latter. 

He sat back on his haunches; his head too heavy to remain upright but through sheer will power he looked up at her. Breathing heavily he whispered, “Run. Leave me. Please.”

She smiled. He felt himself dying in that dark dirty alley yet her smile made it seem as though he’d gotten a glimpse of heaven. She raised her hand and touched his forehead. The burning sensation disappeared but he still had no strength. It seeped out along with his blood, running down the sides of his neck and wrist. Jett couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. But he managed to tell his angel, for with the bright light shining from her beautiful golden eyes, surely that’s what she had to be.