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Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Heat Blog Hop!

It might be cold outside but you can stay warmer on the tour. Click on the banner to see other blogs and giveaways on the tour.

Did you ever wonder what the characters in a story might sound like? Well wonder no more. Hold On my contemporary romantic suspense is now available on Audio for your listening pleasure. It's certainly one way to stay warm this winter.

Warning there is sex and there is violence so only for those 18+ 

One phone call changed both their lives. 

A real life knight in shining armor--except he isn't in armor, he's in a suit. But the first time Lena Douglas lays eyes on Stephan Grayson that's what he seems to her. He saves her from a violence that still haunts her nights, but at least he's there to hold her should she wake. But the nightmare's not over; it stalks them both now. A mistake from her past that will not let go. But then, neither will Stephan. 

Stephan’s saved her once and he's not about to let anyone, especially Lena, stand in the way of what is happening between them. But will he always be there to shield her from the danger she thought she left behind? 

A Romantic Suspense. Novella. Warning violence.

Or listen to the first five minutes of Hold On on audio. Available on iTunes & Audible

The first to Answer the following question correctly in the comment section below will receive either Hold On as a signed print copy or Audio book. Your choice. Please leave your email so I can contact you or you may send me your email privately but your answer must be in the comment and the first correct one.

**There will also be a second winner randomly chosen at the END of the blog tour who leaves a comment. Both winners will be announced at the end of the tour.***

What's the name of the street corner Stephan makes the phone call on?
Answer is on the audio sample link as well as the look inside part of the book on Amazon.