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Friday, February 03, 2017

Featured Author Angela Kay Austin

Spring 1860…

Sojourner, stared at the man sprawled across the cement floor of the blood-soaked cage. Many months had passed, and each day had been the same. Blood and death. She looked at the empty cells around the room. They had once been filled with men and women. The few who remained alive had been taken to another area, she did not know why and would not remain to discover. She never thought she would be able to erase the screams of the men and women from her mind.
She returned her attention to the scarred man. Many nights she had brought water to him, and cleaned away his blood. But, as she kneeled before him, she knew he would no longer drink. He had not taken a sip for many days.
He had made his decision.
She had made her decision.
His would be by death.
Hers would be through the front door, when the sun was high in the sky. With her fingertips, she gently touched the cold metal hidden in the folds of her skirt. The man Kirill called Frederick had left the key on one of the blood-soaked tables on his last visit. No one noticed when Journey simply picked it up while she cleaned away the death they had left behind. If she made it outside, she knew they would not be able to follow her. She would have hours of sunlight to protect her.
Softly, she touched a hand to the matted curls of his dark hair.
He groaned. His eyes opened, and quickly closed.
Lowering her mouth nearer to him, she whispered, “If I take you with me, you would die.” She glanced around the room again, at the empty cages. “You will die if I leave you.” She could not take a wounded man with her, but no matter how hard she fought against the thought, it would not go away.
“You will use the key that you have discovered, and escape. With you, you will take the man whose wounds you tend so faithfully.”
Whether awake or asleep, the words would not go away.
Before she stood, Journey whispered to her wounded one, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will run from this place.


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