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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is just a reminder, all of my work on these pages is copyright protected. Please no poaching. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

I think you mean "no poaching", i.e. stealing ;)

Isis™ said...


See, a situation where spell check does not help. Sorry.

Thank you anonymous.


Anonymous said...

No problem. We all need an editor to catch our uglies now and then :)

I accidently found your blog. I met you at Slam Jam. It was driving me nuts when I kept looking at your name tag and thinking...darn it, I KNOW her from somewhere, but I couldn't figure it and didn't connect it with your name of Isis. At any rate, good luck with your submission.

Time for me to go back to my dank old stinky writer's cave. I actually got out for a day or two and went internet hopping like a wild woman, drunk after finishing my last book, lol. I usually go to QVC's website and go buck wild, maxing out my credit card, lol.

Isis™ said...

Okay. Now you've peaked my curiosity. Who are you? email me

I need a name so I can make sure I buy that book you just finished. :)

If you know my internet persona then you know how vocal I've been about editing, which was why for a long time I told no one about this blog. I knew I haven't edited it.

This is actually my second posting cause I had to edit it. LOL


Isis™ said...

Yes I know it's piqued. LOL

Anonymous said...

"I knew I haven't edited it."

should be:

I knew I hadn't edited it. or I know I haven't edited it.

Giggle...leaving you alone to go write!! ;)