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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More News
I'm still grinning but I entered the Romance Slam Jam Aspiring Author Contest and WON 1ST PRIZE. Yeah! Unbelievable. And you're wondering what won. The work closest to my heart, Dragon's Heart-Story of the Brethren.

Right now I'm proofing it to get it ready to send out to Kensington, so cross your fingers, toes and eyes. We'll see what happens. A lot of good things happened at RSJ, I met a lot of people and hope more good things come out of it. Meanwhile, I thank you for your patients while I try to get my work to print. I will post more of Hold On toward the end of the week for your weekend pleasure.

Have a nice day.



IR LOVER said...

Did I tell you how proud mama was for you. LOL!

Girl, you're going to be on cloud nine for the rest of the year!

Dragon Heart deserves a place on the bookshelf, so we are crossing everything!

And yes, we would like to see more of Hold On, thank you very much

LaShaunda said...

Congrats on your award.

I didn't get to congratulate you in person, after the awards everyone scattered.

Good luck on your submission. I look forward to introducing you to SORMAG readers.

Is your story about a dragon? I love dragon stories. I'm reading Eragon now.

Isis said...

Thank you Ladies.

IR Lover--yep will upload more on Fri.

Lashaunda--It was a lot of fun and that makes two of us.

And yes it is a dragon story, I cut my teeth on The Dragons of Pern and the Sunrunner Series. Love dragons. The first few chapters are on this blog, check the archives. It's Dragon's Heart.