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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's A Fae World After All

Today I want to welcome fellow author Angel Martinez. So sit back and let Angel introduce you to the world of the Fae.

It’s a Fae World After All

by Angel Martinez
Fairy noun 1: a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having diminutive human form and magic powers (Merriam-Webster)


Maybe if you’re reading Thumbelina, but in Finn’s world, it’s only a smidge of the story. Come with us, across the Veil into the Otherworld to meet some less diminutive varieties of fae. There are the sidhe, tall and graceful, forbidding one moment and hospitable the next. You’ll find Fomorians in all their shapes and sizes, who exhibit some part of their unique animal natures in tusks, fur, scales, and hooves. Delicate féileacán decorate the groves, winged, but only tiny when they choose to be. The bain sidhe live here, inscrutable and strange. Dragons are never far away.

The fae have always been part of my life, my companions from early childhood, from brownie to kitsune. Folklore and fairytales, myths and legends, give us a window into every culture, help us understand how the human heart works and what gives us the courage to stand against the dark. The Endangered Fae books are my tribute to my first and greatest love, all of those non-humans who have shared the planet with us from the beginning.

Once upon a time, the Veil was permeable, crossable by anyone who had the wit and courage to do so. But sometime in the nineteenth century, the passage between the worlds closed, leaving us on one side and the fae on the other. All except one poor pooka, that is, who had retreated into the Dreaming, gravely wounded and grieving, and had no idea the world had changed in his absence. In Finn, we see what happens when he wakes, lost in a mechanized, polluted world, isolated in a sea of humans. If not for one caring human, New York resident Diego Sandoval, he wouldn’t have a chance.

Just when Finn starts to get the hang of the human world, he finds himself confronted by the oddities of the holiday season. Who but humans would hold celebrations when it’s time to hibernate? The short story Finn’s Christmas gives us a pooka’s puzzled view of the season and the inspiration it finally lends him.

But what about the Veil and the rest of the fae? Ah, patience, grasshoppers. The newest installment of Endangered Fae just released on September 16, in which Diego, in a fit of jealous rage, rips a hole in the supposedly impenetrable Veil. Our boys are flung across into the Otherworld. Let the pandemonium begin. Magical mayhem, old rivals, new conflicts, a mysterious fae plague, and government interference – ingredients for a wild ride in Diego.

Disclaimer: the author in no way encourages the wearing of silver scale armor during sex and takes no responsibility for any readers’ sudden desire to outfit their boyfriends with hooves.

Finn (in ebook and print) and Finn’s Christmas– available at Red Rose Publishing, All Romance, Fictionwise, Amazon.

Diego– available now, exclusively at Red Rose Publishing

Angel Martinez
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