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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Do you like your paranormals with bite?

Living On The Edge
by LaVerne Thompson
is now available from Red Rose Publishing


As one of the few female bounty hunters in the country and with a nickname like Edge, she enjoyed living on the edge and always got her man. One way or another.  As an executioner for her shifter clan she was relentless, but finding a mate was not something on her radar, having to hunt him down and execute him even less so.
But could she trust her instincts? 
Ethan Graves was a hunted man, not quite a man but a Leo of his kind.  When he found out he was hunted by a sexy bounty hunter, he let himself be caught.  He just had to convince her of his innocence before she killed him, then confess to wanting her as his mate. 
But could he trust his instincts?  
Living on The Edge


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allanbard said...

Good place to be! Thanks for sharing your work! Will be glad to read them! Actually, it seems we have some things in common, some of my books are fantasy romance too, according to my opinion there's nothing better than the true love, The Love that can change a world, defeat the most horrible armies, make nations happy, or rejuvenate any man or woman... I guess you are conviced too that any author should strive to create new creatures in his/her works, the "old" like vampires, wizards with sharp hats, fairies, dragons, etc. are too ordinary already? i do that in my books too (weightless korks, fish-keepers, one-eyeds, rock pieces, glowing, living balls, fiery men, Brown faces, etc.). Keep the good work going! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of the water dragons' hunters - my Tale Of The Rock Pieces).