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Friday, July 10, 2015

Featured Author Madame TripleX

Meet Madame.

Hello LaVerne. I’m so glad you’re willing to have me on your blog. At least brave enough to have me on. LOL.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Madame TrripleX. The triple X is no accident. What I write is not for the faint of heart. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true.

My writing can only be described as: raunchy, graphic, borderline porn and somewhat like a men’s confession letter, but with a little woman’s touch.  So yeah. I write raunchy works that a man can read and not feel that he’s reading a romance novel and a woman can read something, that maybe is past her comfort zone, but she’s willing to step out of the box.

So what is my work like and why do I write stories that are considered borderline porn?

I don’t believe the hype that men are the only ones that are visual creatures and like their reads dirty. There are some of us (raising hand) that kinda like it graphic.

What kind of woman will like my work?

The woman that gets off on porn videos either with her significant other—or by herself.
The woman that loves sex toys and can go into a shop and buy them without wearing dark sunglasses.
The woman that likes the sounds of sex, Yes! Do you get wet hearing a woman moan and groan as she’s being made loved to?
Do you like hearing a woman scream out her pleasure? For some that’s a turn on.

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above, then you’ll like my work.

Now, what made me start writing stories like this? I saw a niche.

I’ve been noticing that a lot of woman that have been reading erotica said it’s begining to be the same old same old. 

Really? I’ve read a lot of erotica/ romantica and hot steaming romances, and a lot of it is quite good.

But that wasn’t exactly what these women were talking about. Noooo. The sex was the same. Even the BDSM stuff! WOW!

So I asked: “What are you looking for?” I was surprised—somewhat. I found out that they wanted their sex scenes a bit more graphic. They wanted the language to be a bit—rougher.  They wanted to almost feel the sex as they read it.

Those words that were mostly forbidden to describe body parts. They wanted to see those now.

They wanted their reads to read like Hustler!

What’s too raunchy? Of course there are the usual no-nos. You know the ones on those submission pages that tell you what they don’t want to see or accept. And actually those aren’t raunchy, that’s just tasteless and icky.

What I write is fun nasty.

Do my stories have plots? 

Of course! In fact ULTIMATE SURRENDER has a real good plot. Just because I use nasty language and my sex scenes are graphic, doesn’t mean I don’t deal with loving couples.

And that’s the way real sex should be. One should be able to express themselves to their mate unashamed and with abandon without feeling guilty. And ULTIMATE SURRENDER deals with that issue.

Hey, I enjoy sex. I think it’s fun and it can be nasty, but in a good way. I love to let loose and scream from the rooftops. I want to have that kind of sex that if you’re at the hotel, the people in the next room complain to management. But you don’t care, cause you know you had a good time. WINK WINK.

And that’s how I write my books and I hope you read them with the same kind of abandon and guilt free.