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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Romance Junkies Interviewed Me!

Check out my interview over at Romance Junkies.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


The first book in THE THREE SISTERS SERIES- RINGSIDE is finally out. Here's Atlanta the youngest sister's story, written by myself and my good friend Stephanie Williams. We hope you enjoy it.

RINGSIDE-Three Sisters Series Book 1

by Stephanie Williams and LaVerne Thompson

Available now from Red Rose Publishing

When it comes to love, have you ever wondered if you could handle the truth?

Has she found answers or just more lies?
Atlanta's life was spiraling out of control, until she read a self-help book by an older woman whose words could have been her own life story. But she needed to talk to the woman for herself and tracked her down.
Hank Gaines former middle-weight boxing champion had seen it all and done most of it. Finally walking away from his fame, he thought he could help others, but no one wanted to read about life choices from a man's point of view. Certainly not the women who could benefit most. Hank had no choice but to use a pseudonym, a female one. He never regretted it more than when the brown eyed beauty walked into his bar one night, one look in those soulful eyes, and he was knocked out for the count.
Will Hank's deception cost him the love of his life?

"Welcome to Ringside. Are you finding everything to your liking?"
Atlanta moved the book from her face and looked into the light blue eyes of a striking looking man. He was tall, a little over six feet, and very well built. That was evident in the way his black shirt seemed painted on his body. His biceps screamed to get out, but it didn't look cheesy.
His face looked like it was sculpted from the finest marble; the only thing keeping it from being too perfect was a little bump in the middle of his slender nose, like it may have been broken at some point in his life. But it only added to his overall appeal. The color of his hair drew her attention next; it was blacker than anything she'd ever seen. Thick and wavy, it hung just to his collar. She wanted to run her fingers through it and see if it felt as soft and silky as it looked.
This man was a walking orgasm! She might have to keep this one for awhile.
His mouth moved. God what a mouth. "Huh…" Wait, did he say something?
"Oh, sorry, did you order? I can get…."
"No, I mean yes, I did order, thank you…"
"Oh, forgive me. I'm Hank Gaines. I'm the owner." He raised his hand to shake hers. As soon as her palm was encased in his her stomach muscles clenched again, but not from hunger. At least not that kind of hunger. Something sparked between them. She would hang on to this one for a good long while.
"Ah, well, thank you. Thank you very much. So far so good, just waiting for my meal." But I didn't see your name on the menu. She blinked to try to get a handle on her erotic thoughts.
"What did you order?"
"The calamari for starters and a burger."
"Excellent choices. The batter used in the calamari is a family secret."
"Secret, huh?"
"Oh yes. Let me know how you like it."
Huh, what was he talking about? She liked the view just fine.
He smiled, showing straight white teeth. "I see you're trying to catch up on some reading." He cocked his head to get a better look at the book.
She tried to casually set it beside her. "Yeah, just a little light reading."
"Light? Her books can put the Dalai Lama to shame."
"Yo…you're familiar with her books?"
Before Hank could answer, the server came with her food. "Sir."
"Oh, of course." Hank moved aside while he watched the server place her dishes.
"Mmmm, this looks sinfully delicious."
After the server left, Atlanta thought Hank would immediately move off, but was pleased when he didn't. He turned his attention back to her. "I'll let you enjoy your meal. Let me know if you need anything else." "Thank you and nice meeting you." Boy, was it nice meeting him. What would he have done if she'd said she'd needed him.