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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crossroads Multi-genre Anthology Blog Hop


Thank you for joining the Crossroads Multi-genre Anthology Blog Hop. At each stop you'll learn a little about the books that's a part of the set and enter a few giveaways too. Have fun. Enjoy the day. Here's a bit about my contribution.

Wild Child is an urban fantasy featured in the Crossroads Anthology

Wild Child-  CroXroads 
Copyrighted 2019

The road you take cannot be undone.

Meet Kasha

 Kasha never quite fit in. So she left home long ago to pursue her career in art. Hell, she ran as fast as she could away from her minister father and his judgmental ways. Yet, she loved her parents, so when the dreams surrounding a church filled with fire and blood kept repeating itself, it was all she could paint. She had to warn them. Only to arrive too late to save them.  Now she found herself running once again, only this time away from a nightmare.

In her mad flight, she took a turn off the highway. Soon realizing she might have run toward something even worse. This time she couldn’t run, she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She was more than an artist. She had to learn to fully embrace and unleash her powers within. She had to know who and what she truly was and learn to stand her ground.


The long fingers of the flames quickly covered the frames of the houses clustered so closely together. Fissures opened up from the ground, spitting fire from the bowels of the earth, setting everything ablaze. What the fire didn’t destroy the earthquakes rocking the area finished the rest.
The news flashed footage like that over and over again, but Kasha had seen those same images long before the live broadcast. She hated herself for not listening to the dreams for the last few days before it happened. She’d fucking known.
At least, she’d tried to warn her parents the morning it started, to get out of the area, especially her minister father. Not like that hadn’t been a difficult conversation. The daughter who’d run from home, whom he hadn’t spoken to in eight years. The first thing out of her mouth, “I…I’ve had a vision of fire. And you and Mom die.”

The second book I have in the Crossroads Anthology I co-wrote with Kassanna as Ursula Sinclair. We'd like to introduce you to Defiant. A contemporary new adult romance fraught with violence and intrigue.

Stay out of my way. Not a threat. A promise.

In my insulated world, determination, wealth…happiness isn’t limited by the color of your skin but the size of your bank account. I was raised with the mindset that there is nothing in this world I can’t have. Don’t get me wrong—I have problems, family issues, but nothing that can’t be resolved. A chance encounter opened my eyes and initiated a tempest around me. I am Harper Hodges and he is the eye of the storm.

If you don’t stand with me you stand against me. I suffer no one but my own kind, white pure blood Anglo-Saxon Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against other races, their inferiority is not my problem. Until I met her. She opened my eyes and I no longer see the world in black and white. I am Dachs Neumann and to keep her safe I will strike down even those closest to me.
Be careful what you wish for.

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