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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Prison Guard's Son


The idea for this story began with a random casual conversation with someone who had once been a prison guard. And me being me totally ran away with that thought and an idea was born. What if a male guard fell in love with a female prisoner and as a result they have a child? All the while she's incarcerated. But again me being me I didn't want to focus on the obvious consequences of their actions but I wanted my story to focus on the child and how events that happened before his birth affects him later in life. And so The Prison Guard's Son was born.

I hope you enjoy the story of Pike & Eryn.

“Now Sol. She’s an adult. There’s no harm in mixing, business with pleasure as long as both
parties can separate the two and understand it’s for our mutual benefit.” I know I’d done it before and planned on doing it again. Soon.
“Not when this one can come back and bite you in the ass. Not kidding Pike. She comes from an influential family. If they ever decide to go against you in court, pretty much on anything, you would lose.”
“Noted. Now, stop worrying. I promise, if anything happens between us I’ll make sure she understands it has nothing to do with business.” It was true. I keep my business separate from my personal, because I never allow any woman I ever sleep with to get personal. Other than the physical. That only last one night. I want no expectations and let any woman I sleep with know that from the first.
If they couldn’t deal then it didn’t happen. And yeah, so what if I’ve slept with most any woman that attracts me and some that I’ve worked with in the past? It was never more than once. I always tell them, if they can’t handle it let me know up front and it won’t happen. Only once did I ever have to replace my publicist because she didn’t believe my one night rule. Then again, it was not even for one night. I never spent the night with a woman. Ever. I preferred waking up alone.

Women got ideas when they fall asleep with you wrapped around them, or they you. So no…not going there. Not giving them that impression at all. Still, I instinctively knew, Eryn would take some work. Yet, in the end, I would get what I want. I always did. And from the moment she stared at me…I wanted her.
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