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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Cigar King-The Maji Series Book 1

A taste of Ruby and Lucian in The Cigar King. Available 9/27 in Kindle Unlimited.

15 years ago

The divers broke the surface and there was something between them. From the shape, it appeared to be a body. Water dripped off the remnants of ripped water-logged clothing that once covered a person. The men on the boat assisted the divers in getting the body on board. They placed it in a tarp and carefully wrapped it up. The camera was unable to get a clear shot but from the half a leg left, it confirmed it was indeed a person, but unclear at the time if it was male or female.
Ruby and her parents looked at the television screen watching the scene with horror. The reporter on the six o’clock news came on and stated the footage had been taken earlier that morning, and the body pulled out of the river had been identified. Celeste Reid.
“Oh my God!” her mother wailed.
“Jesus,” her father said, already rising and reaching for his phone.
Ruby didn’t stay to hear any more. Instead, she’d run out of the apartment up the backstairs to the family living area. Her father was the chauffer and bodyguard to the Reids. He would have been the last to see Celeste Reid alive, besides the kidnappers. The police had been questioning him almost every day for the last three days, to the point her mother had insisted he get an attorney. They’d tried to keep it from her, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew her father was considered a suspect. She had no idea now that they pulled Mrs. Reid’s dead body out of the river what it would mean for her father. She was terrified for him. But she was also worried about Lucian. He’d need her, his best friend, who wanted to be more.
She had no idea how she’d feel if it were her mother being dragged out of the river. She had to see him, had to be there for him. Even though he was two years older and her family worked for his, they’d always been the best of friends. In the last few months, some of that had changed. At least, on her part. But she knew he’d never see her as anything more than his best friend. She’d never gotten rid of her baby fat, and she wore glasses and had braces. She’d seen the girls he went out with. They looked nothing like her. They could have been models. But right now, she knew he’d want to see her.
She took the back way to his side of the house. No one was in the hallway, and she hoped he’d be in his room. She knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” came a muffled voice from inside.
“It’s me, Ruby.”
He pulled the door open and grabbed her hand, tugging her inside. He quickly shut the door and took her into his arms, crying into her shoulder. All she could do was hold onto him and cry too.



Lucian stood unabashedly naked as he inhaled the fresh scent of a morning rain that was typical of Miami in the summer. He looked down at the empty courtyard that cradled the Luxe mosaic pool and tried to remember if he’d had a chance to enjoy it before falling into bed with his sleeping guest. For the life of him, Lucian couldn’t recall what had happened after leaving the fourth bar on his crawl down Ocean Drive.
He shoved his thick dark hair out of his face and rubbed his tired gray eyes. On behalf of his father, he’d travelled to the Sunshine State to handle a labor dispute at their tobacco farm just outside of Miami. However, once all labor issued were resolved, he made sure to indulge in everything that Miami was good for; food, booze, and women. And last night, he’d had his fill of all three. Unfortunately, it was time to put a cap on overindulgence and head back to “The Big Apple.”
Lucian looked longingly down at the clear blue water in the swimming pool one last time before turning away. He entered his posh suite in the luxurious Villa Casa Casuarina.
Villa Casa Casuarina was once the home of the late and beloved Gianni Versace. But after the famous fashion designer’s untimely death, the incredible Miami mansion had been converted into a posh boutique hotel.
With bare feet, Lucian shuffled across the cool marble floor until he was in the bedroom. He yawned, piercing the unusual silence of an ocean front hotel. For a few seconds, he stared down at the busty, young blonde that was sprawled out on the expensive cotton sheets and worked hard to remember her name.
He couldn’t.
But whoever she was, she was definitely a beauty. The sheet had fallen from her creamy skin and was barely covering her tight, round ass while the curve of one large tit, smooshed into the bed, provoking Lucian’s desire. Her full lips were slightly parted as she slept peacefully. Lucian’s cock jerked and tensed. He was seconds away from a hard-on. One more go with his overnight guest would have been ideal. Too bad, he would have to pass. Lucian had a plane to catch. So, instead of obeying his growing cock, he gave the woman a swift smack on the ass.
Instead of waking up, the woman grunted and turned her head opposite Lucian. Another smack on the ass did encourage a startle. She raised up on her elbows and turned in Lucian’s direction. After struggling to focus, she looked up with murky blue irises.
“I gotta catch a flight,” Lucian announced.
“W-what?” Her voice was hoarse, and she seemed a bit disoriented.
“Time to go,” Lucian informed her as he walked around the large California King-sized bed. “Have a good day.”
Once he made it to the doorway of the bathroom, he looked back and observed the blonde as she began to collect her undergarments.
 “Oh, excuse me,” Lucian called to her back.
Hell, he still couldn’t remember her name.
Lucian couldn’t help his smile when she turned around and looked at him with a question in her big blue eyes, reminding Lucian just how pretty she was.
“Take your friend with you,” he said, pointing to the pretty, young brunette lying next to her.