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Friday, February 08, 2013

Diamonds & Divas Tour -Missy Lyons

Feb 8th

Hi everyone! My name’s Missy Lyons and today I am guest blogging on LaVerne Thompson’s blog. Thank you so much for having me out for the day! Like LaVerne I am a writer. I love the land of make believe and it’s been great to be able to make a career from the books I write. I write romance and the heat can vary on everything from sweet to melt the sheets.

ALIEN PROMISE, the latest book which I plan to talk about today is an erotic ménage (m/f/m) between a girl and the aliens who love her. You might be thinking, whoa, that’s a lot of bodies. Is it the sex that is driving the story? Um no—but it’s a nice side effect and a big part of why they like each other. Sex is part of romance and a healthy part of falling in love and it’s in my story. But the characters are what really drive the story. Would you like to know a little more about them?

Lily Madison is just an earth girl who is so wrapped up in her earth life that she doesn’t see past it. It’s hard to believe the two blue men she meets are aliens. They have to be there because of publicity stunt. Lily Madison has always considered herself kind of geeky, and never the kind of girl to garner the attention of two sexy hunks who are out of this world hot. She has straight auburn hair with red highlights that she always wears in a French twist at the back of her neck, in a librarian style, finished with large brimmed glasses that cover up her beautiful green eyes. The warriors can see beyond her clothes and the beauty that lies within and there is no doubt, they want to possess her.

Saber Rhoma is exceptionally tall at seven foot six inches and built like a pro wrestler. He has light blue skin tinted by the ultra violet rays of his sun and while he is on the planet earth it has faded until he returns to his home planet. He’s a Krillian soldier and acts the part of a warrior. When he sees something he wants, he just takes it, especially when it’s a beautiful woman with ripe curves, hair the color of his red sun and green blue eyes that a man could lose himself in. He has waist length hair that is kept in a braid and a tribal tattoo on his left shoulder. 

Ryder Rhoma is the twin brother to Saber with shoulder length brown hair and blue skin. His hazel eyes change color with his emotions, and when he is deep in lust they glow a brilliant shade of amber. He is also a warrior on his home planet, but he has a gentle way of making people believe they can trust him and the ladies swoon when he is near.

Girvan Lee is a criminal mastermind who seeks power and world domination. He has escaped sentencing on Krilia for attempting to take over the planet, but is not ready to give up hope and has set his sights on Earth for world takeover. Saber and Ryder will not leave until they have their alien in chains but Girvan isn't willing to give up so easily either.

E.V.E. is the computer that runs the space shuttle. She controls the environment and has state of the art voice recognition software. She is programmed to have a personality and to keep the travelers company but also makes synthesized food and controls every aspect of the shuttle and their travel.

Aliens are taking over the presidential election and only one human is immune to the mind control rays. The plate in Lily Madison’s head protects her from the criminal Girvan Lee’s mind control weapons, but she is stubbornly determined to find out what is going on, not even the sexy hunks dressed as Roman Gladiators will get in her way.

Ryder and Saber are intergalactic bounty hunters. They believe the human woman, Lily is their life mate but she is resistant to their charms and attempted seduction. The stubborn woman doesn’t believe she can have them both in her bed but they must have the patience to claim their mate.

If that doesn’t work, they aren’t above abducting her to their home planet and seducing her into their shared bed.

This novel is now available at Siren Publishing


Missy Lyons writes erotic romances for smart sassy women. She lives in Middle Tennessee with her family, two dogs, and a cat who thinks it is a dog. She is an obsessive Star Wars geek and loves all things dragons, aliens, and did she forget to mention hot men top of the list? 

Missy is probably the most obsessed with the last item listed. Amazingly enough, hot men are featured in every one of her romance books. 

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in finding out more about me or my books you can check out my website, like my page on Facebook , or follow me on Twitter.

Lots of love to you,

Missy Lyons
Erotic Romance Author
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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Diamonds and Divas- Maggie Berkley

Please welcome Maggie Berkley today. And leave a comment with your email addy for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card

I've always enjoyed mythology, even as a child. In fact, when I was in high school (many, many long years ago) I wanted to be a mythologist, because I loved history, mystery and myths. After all, behind every myth is a hint of truth. How did these stories become? What made a culture believe in them? How did nations that lived thousands of miles from each other, with no link with the rest of the world, have some of the same mythology?
Historians had found drawings of dragons in Britain, China and Mexico. Legends of people rising from the dead were found in Russia, Greece, Africa and India. Shapechangers were found in North America, France, Norway, Greece, Africa and Japan. Amazons were rumored, and even written about, in Greece, China, Africa and South America. There are so many different 'sightings' in so many different countries from historical times that you can't help but get a hint of wondering.

This subject was many a term paper in classes and my teachers (especially my English teachers) got to understand how my mind worked. Well, my fantasy of becoming a world known mythologist left me after I graduated, but the myths remained a big part of my life via books, movies and television. After all, who can resist something shrouded in mystery? But my aspect of it was never romantic. The idea of a vampire 'wanting to find true love' made me chuckle. All the legends I found convinced me that, well, we're just food for them. After all, something that died, and then became inhabited by demons, just doesn't seem the 'loving' type. Shapechangers, especially werewolves, had me twisted on their mentality. Some were said to be cursed, some willingly spelled themselves into a beast to kill, and others were said to have been born into it.
As a writer you have to keep an open mind, and though my thoughts in the paragraph above might leave some wondering, I, like others, do enjoy a good paranormal romance novel. A good paranormal anything novel. And since I enjoy mythology I like writing that into my stories. After all, even the worst villain can always do with a bit of redemption and a taste of true love.
With the Morgan Crowe trilogy, I blended a bit of Irish myth with modern day life. The heroine of my story, is Morgan Crowe, also known as Morriganna or the Morrigu, a version of the battle goddess from Celtic mythology. I wanted to see what this dark goddess from the past was like, what her story might be and what made her who she was.
 In the trilogy, Morgan starts out as a dislikeable, self-centered hot headed assassin who serves the King of the dark Sidhe known as the Mor'sin'dar. Because of her volatile nature and her inability to control herself she is banished to live in the human world because of a heinous crime she commits. She is not happy about her punishment but relents and leaves to mortal realms, much to the dismay of Mor'sin'dar's Queen who demanded the Morrigu's death.
Hundreds of years pass and Morgan has adjusted to life among the short lived humans although she yearns to return to the lands of her people. Finally accepting her lot in life, and adapting to the changes in the world around her, she finds herself  suddenly drawn back into Court politics and intrigue by a cryptic message given to her from an old ally from her days in the Mor'sin'dar. That is where her story begins.
The Morgan Crowe books are part of a trilogy, each representing, not only where she is at in the story but also where she is at mentally in her life. I see these books as the Morrigu's personal journey to redemption, the ability to sacrifice all for another. There are many twists and turns in the trilogy, and some victories are bitter sweet, and life is never easy for a retired Sidhe assassin from the dark Courts. But in the end, fixing the wrongs you had made and doing what is right has its own rewards.
I invite you to read the Morgan Crowe trilogy (Enter the Night, Behind the Throne, and Out of the ShadowedLands) and discover my twist on old mythologies. Who knows, you might decide to become a mythologist yourself one day. 

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