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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Release Event for Sea Witch #newrelease

Mark the date. 
I've come for you.

June 1, 2015

My new release FB event for Sea Witch the third book in my Children of the Waves series is on June 1. There will be lots of stuff given away. lol Maybe even a towel or 2. You never know. And a chance to meet a few fabulous authors, the awesome cover artist Fiona Jayde and maybe maybe even a model or two. So join me at the link below and let's celebrate. Party on!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meet Scarlet!

Please welcome my close friend and author Scarlet Hunter as she talks about her latest. Heaven's Sacrifice.

I’m so glad to be here today, LaVerne! I’m a HUGE fan of your work, so for you to have me here, I’m overly excited and still pinching myself.

You are too funny, glad to have you here. And ditto lady. mwah. LaVerne

So, tell me a little about your book, Heaven’s Sacrifice.
Sure. Percival, the hero in my book, is an angel who’s finally given his first assignment. To go to earth and save a human soul. However, when he gets there, he is put to the test by two sisters. At first, he can’t decide on which sister is in need of saving. Spending time with the two, he learns they both do, but in different ways. Only in time, he realizes which one he must save. And yet, he is pulled toward the other putting him at risk of failing his mission. The outcome, should Percival fail in saving the one he is assigned, will result in him losing an angels most cherished possession—their wings.
So…basically, he must decide…but who will he choose to save?

Tell us a little more about these sisters?
Well, they couldn’t be more different, let me tell ya. They are—Brianna and Ava. They help their uncle run a Beachfront condo resort in Kure Beach, North Carolina. When unfortunate circumstances occur and their uncle gets ill, it is up to them to help keep the resort stay up and running.
Brianna, younger sister to Ava. A flamboyant, wild and arrogant girl. This young lady needs a little lesson in life, amongst other things. She’s too hell bent on getting any and all the men’s attention rather than helping her sister around the resort.  
Ava, on the other hand, is the total opposite of her sister. Quiet, shy, yet loyal and trustworthy. She takes on a lot of responsibility focusing on helping her uncle; not wanting to let him down. She ends up taking care of everyone and everything, except one person—herself. She needs saving, but in a whole different way.

I’d love to share a little teaser, if I may?  

     Materializing on earth, Percival appeared and stood on the sand, next to a long worn-out catwalk. He scanned the countless planks of rotten wood. They undoubtedly needed some TLC in more ways than one. By the looks of the property surrounding it, the newspaper ad was spot on. A skilled handyman was needed for this kind of job. 
     For a moment, he savored the calming, therapeutic waves crashing on shore. The sound felt like an explosion of love over the soul. Percival prayed with thanks, glad his mission had brought him near the Atlantic Ocean.
     Lifting his foot, he placed it on the edge of the catwalk and putting some weight on it, wiggled his leg a few times on the board to ensure it would hold him. Convinced it would, he placed his full weight on the plank and noticed the whole length of the catwalk was covered with pieces of slivered wood, poking out from its depleted state. Thankful his sandals protected his feet, he proceeded toward the building.
     In the heavens and before leaving, the angels were normally briefed about their assignments. Yet, Percival wasn’t given specifics for his mission. He certainly would not question the lack of information, because in Heaven, one never asked questions but is grateful for the facts received. If God thought angels needed to know more, he made sure they did.
     Everything has a purpose.
     When he advanced, he inspected the building. Percival could tell it’d been constructed of the same wood as the catwalk and in the same dire need of attention. As his gaze skimmed up and across its surface, he imagined the structure probably appeared very elegant back in its day, yet now seemed in disrepair.
     Unexpectedly, a squeal came from behind him, catching him off guard. Percival turned to find a small boy pointing at him while tugging at his father’s swim shorts. Funny, how he hadn’t even noticed them when he arrived. He needed to be more careful and assess his surroundings first.
     “Look Pa. That man has wings!”
     Oops, forgot about you two back there. Percival willed his thick, colossal set of feathery, white wings to fade from the mortal eye. He then nodded at the father and winked at the boy, who now displayed a saddened expression.
     “I swear, Pa, he did—just like the Archangel.”
     The father took the boy by the hand and led him toward their car. “Not everyone is a comic book character, son. C’mon, let’s go home.”
     Relieved his carelessness didn’t require him to handle the situation further, Percival watched the two leave.
     The boy’s face remained glued to the passenger window of the SUV until they were out of sight. No doubt, waiting and hoping for the set of wings to reappear.
     Cracking a smile at how he loved the Children of God, Percival returned his attention to his task. He reached into the front pocket of his jeans. After pulling out a piece of torn paper, he glanced at the newspaper ad, then at the building. Confirming the numbers 882 barely hanging above the door’s entrance, he double-checked the name Ava, he’d written under the job qualifications. When she answered his call, the sound of her voice sang like church bells. Soft and angelic, it carried the slightest hint of a twang he’d never heard before. He sensed right off, she was unique by the way she spoke to him. Percival liked her instantly and looked forward to meeting her.

Where is your book available?

Scarlet Hunter by day works full time as a Director for a TPA (Third Party Administrator) company for Section 125 benefit plans. Residing in the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, when not working at her full-time job, she is found typing away on her laptop. As an avid reader, Scarlet's love of paranormal and fantasy romance, inspired her to pursue her dream of writing. She is currently embarking upon writing a contemporary, so stay tuned. You can visit Scarlet at to find all of her available books and those coming soon.

Where can we learn more about you and your books?

Twitter: ScarletHunter11