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Friday, September 16, 2016

Featured Author Yvonne Nicolas


Title: Scorpion Tail (Debut Album ~ Fade To Black)
Publisher: Ice Dragon Press
Release Date: September 6th 2016
Genre: Rock Star Romance, Suspense/Mystery, Multicultural Romance

Scorpion Tail Blurb: 
Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll... and Murder
Toshiro Matsuda, a tenacious Japanese inspector, is on the hunt for a serial killer who has left a trail of bodies across the globe. The latest victim was slashed backstage during a Scorpion Tail concert in a small town in Georgia.
The indie band's wild, rebellious sound and dark lyrics catches Toshiro's attention. He delves into the band members' sordid pasts, and discovers that they are linked to the most recent victim.
MonaLisa—aka Queen Sting--the lead singer, hatches a plan to distract the inspector in order to protect her band brothers. In a turn of events, she becomes attracted to him. She wants to give in, but if she acts on her desire, Toshiro may uncover the secrets she keeps, and that will put her band at risk.
Toshiro was never one to fall for seduction, but there is something about the sassy rock star that intrigues him. However, he is not the only one who is fixated on her.
Will Toshiro be able to catch the killer, before MonaLisa is added to the kill list?
"One day, I'll soar to the heavens and touch the sky. But today, I'd rather play in the flames." ~ MonaLisa
**WARNING: Not suitable for the faint of heart, prudes or those easily bothered by strong language, urban dialect, dirty-nasty-smutty sex, and violence.**

Scorpion Tail Excerpt:
Transfixed, Toshiro watched her move across the studio. It was her—the owner of that mesmerizing singing voice, the one whom they referred to as Queen Sting.
She walked past Byrd and flicked his right ear with her middle finger.
At first, Toshiro swore he was seeing things. She wouldn’t outright assault an officer of the law like that, would she?
Laughing, Byrd grabbed his ear and scrambled away from her. “What’s good, crazy girl?”
“What’s good with you?” she shot back, irritation lacing her raspy tone. “Coming through on a recording day…?” Carefully, she sat her bag down, squatted before it and unpacked her guitar. The waistline of her pants slid a bit lower, consequently blessing them with an unobstructed view of her tailbone. “And with fresh meat too?” She stood, holding the red and silver guitar by the neck, and waved a finger at Byrd. “C’mon now, son. You know better.”
“Yeah—yeah, I know. My boy just gotta few question so we can wrap up this case. Shouldn’t take long.”
“A’ight, long as it’s quick.” She slid onto the stool in front of one of the hanging mics. Next to her was a smaller stool holding an ashtray littered with cigarette butts. She spread her thighs and propped her heels on the side footrests. After resting her guitar on the ground between her legs, she crooked her finger. “Come on over here, fresh meat.” She slipped an unlit cigarette between her lips. “Whacha got for me?”
Everyone watched him in tense silence, like he was about to jump into a lava pit. He looked over at Byrd.
The detective’s eyes danced, his feet shuffled. Despite his jittery actions, he urged him on with a nod.
As casually as he could, Toshiro dared to close the distance between him and ‘Queen Sting’. Staring into her deep brown eyes, he swallowed hard. His heart raced and mind whirled. Why am I so nervous? She’s just a woman, not some higher being. “As I’ve informed the members of your band, a homicide was committed at Club Caesar, during your concert. Our investigation leads us to believe your drummer had a relationship with said victim.”
“Uhh-huh,” she hummed, running her bold gaze down his body.
This wasn’t the first time a woman looked him over in this manner. However, this was the first time it sent a violent shudder coasting down his spine. “It…” He attempted to clear the nervousness from his voice before continuing. “It would be a tremendous help if I could ask him—”
“My ciggy isn’t lit.”
“Excuse me?”
An impish smirk played on her lush lips. “If you want me to hear anything you’ve got to say, I need my ciggy lit.”
He matched her sly smile with one of his own as he patted his pockets down. “Sorry, I don’t smoke. So, I have no lighter.”
“Fortunately for you…” She gestured to the scorpion hanging between her breasts. “I do.”
He gulped back the words, “then light it yourself,” when his gaze drifted downward.
Her nipples pushed against the light fabric of her shirt. No bra! Jesus, why? Her breasts—a size C cup at the least—were so perfectly pronounced on her chest that she didn’t need to holster them. His body pulsated. Clenching his teeth, he pushed out a sigh that could’ve easily turned into a moan.
A cattish gleam brightened her eyes. This was clearly a game to her.
Toshiro prepared himself to reject such a bold request, but his body betrayed him. His legs moved him forward, his hand reached out. Eyes locked on hers, he grabbed the scorpion. His knuckles brushed her cleavage’s smooth mahogany skin as he took hold of it. He ran his thumb across the switch. The desired flame ignited from the scorpion’s tail.
Without saying a word, they stared at each other for seconds on end as the flame flickered between them. How odd. As he gazed into this woman’s eyes, he desperately wanted to kiss her.
Cigarette clasped between her fingers, she leaned in and allowed the blaze to ignite the end of the stick. She took a deep draw then sat back with a smile. “Thank you, Inspector. You may proceed.”
Toshiro allowed the scorpion to reclaim its position between her breasts then took a much-needed step back. It took a second to steady his breathing. He resisted the need to loosen his tie, which suddenly felt like it was choking him. “You know, smoking is an unbecoming habit, particularly for a woman.”
“Don’t like me smoking?” Briefly closing her eyes, she wrapped her lips around the mouthpiece and took in another drag. A stream of smoke seeped from her nose and swayed before him like a taunting snake. “Then give me something else to suck on.”

Yvonne was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, but now she resides in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. Still a southern gal.
She has two gorgeous boys who never miss out on an opportunity to drive her crazy, two cute shih-tzu who have yet to realize that they are dogs, and a wonderful husband who showers her with love and support.
She’s been an avid reader since the age of fourteen. As a kid, she would sneak into her mother’s bedroom to read her erotic novels. That’s when her love for erotic romance was born.
Yvonne dove headfirst into the writing industry and was knocked off her feet when she became a bestselling author with her first release, Designing Love. Afterwards, she penned the Dragon Queen Series, which became a bestselling urban fantasy series. Next, she created the Carnal Diaries Series--a set of erotic romance tales. But wait, she’s not done yet.  
She’s ever so eager to share her gift with you and take you on an exciting, sexy ride.
Won’t you join her?
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