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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Pick ARe

Guess who made Top Pick at ARe?

Oct. 27, 2009
Vol 4, Issue 85
Susan's Top Pick

The Three Sisters Series Book 3 - Masquerade by LaVerne Thompson
Published by: Red Rose Publishing
Category: Contemporary, Interracial Fiction
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Masquerade is enjoyable from the first page to the last. Author LaVerne Thompson has crafted a pleasurable story with a very well constructed plot, and life-like characters expertly drawn in rich detail bringing them off the pages and into the minds eye of the reader. When Sydney and Caine meet, the connection is so palpable, I felt like an interloper. Several passages are particularly memorable and their first encounter is one: "He pulled her closer to him and brought one hand up to caress the base of her neck. Without taking his eyes off her, he slowly lowered his head, but she didn't wait. She raised her face to meet him halfway as their mouths touched. His mouth felt cool,
an erotic contrast against the rest of his heat, his touch all too brief but more than enough. Their worlds had collided, the rest became inevitable, and they would never be the same again." Now if that doesn't just make you anxious to see what's next then nothing will.
As the chemistry flows between them, readers once again see Ms. Thompson's savvy with words showing Sydney's reaction to Caine. "She wrapped her arms around his neck and inhaled him, pulling him closer still. Their skin fusing wherever they touched, as she felt the hardness of him pressing against her softness. Releasing his lips she whispered into the night, 'Good God,' as a sensation she'd never known shook her world. And he hadn't done anything other than give her a bone melting, soul-stealing kiss." Several other passages throughout the story are just as gripping.
I also enjoyed the twists and turns and it was refreshing that the ending was
unpredictable. Sydney makes Caine work for her love and he is definitely up the challenge because she means that much to him. Caine is a wonderful character. He is the type of man women dream of; he's handsome, successful, charismatic, and most of all makes a woman feel like she's the most important woman alive. I love his response, to Sydney's statement when they are out to dinner and she makes the comment, "Now, don't tell me you haven't been trying to check out some of these women here." Caine's response is, "That may be true, but I'm sitting with the beautiful woman I want." Kudos to Caine for a great response. Sydney is also a great character with a lot of wonderful attributes. As an African-American woman, and a novelty in her field, she works hard to secure her place in what is predominantly a man's world but she doesn't lose touch of her femininity and remains just that; a desirable woman. Masquerade was my top pick for a number of reasons. I found the book just about flawless in terms of plot, character development, attention to details and a very satisfying ending. I really enjoyed Sydney and Caine's story and reluctantly let them go at the end. This is not the first novel I've read by Ms. Thompson but it certain is my favorite.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Friday, October 02, 2009


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I need your votes, AGAIN, for the Scarlet Boa 2009 Contest for best opening paranormal scene. I've entered Dragon's Heart- Story of the Brethren. Please go to My entry is #114 . Scroll down to the Voting 1st round button and cast your vote.

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