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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yep, a black bear ran across part of our back yard at our place out in the mountains. It was raining hard with lots of thunder and lightning it must have spooked it. Needless to say so was I.

Then just when we thought things were okay, another bear, it was smaller than the first one, ran across the front yard. I opened the door to get video of it, but as soon as I did it stopped in its tracks and looked over at me. This thing that weighs hundreds of pounds is mere yards from me. So like any self respecting human, I began to scream, and slammed the door. Realizing if the bear wanted to get inside that door wasn't going to stop it, but it took off running. I did get a few seconds of footage after I got my sanity back. LOL. It's running through tall grass about 2 feet high so you have some sense of it's size. Notice I stayed safely on our deck while getting the shot.