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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Growing Pains. oldest daughter got her driver's permit this week. A few times now I've turned over the wheel to her so she can practice driving. The first time I did it I was of 2 minds. So damn proud and scared witless. I let her see the one and not the other.

Now I know how my parents felt. At least for now when she's driving I'm with her. I shudder to think about the first times she asks for the car keys and she's on her own, or with her younger sister. She's already looking at the car she want's her father to buy her. That's another story.

I'm praying for strength people. The same strength that my parents faced, what all parents face when they know it's only a matter of time before your child is no longer solely under your control.

But I know she'll be fine and so will I. Then I have to go through this whole thing again in 2 years when her younger sister goes, Mom I need the car. Oh Lord! Now that one is trouble.

Hmm, there's a story in here somewhere.