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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Secret Realm's New Year's Blog Hop & Giveaway

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I got together with a few friends who wanted to share our love of stories featuring musicians and came up with this anthology I'd like to introduce you to. What better way to start the year off than reading about hot sex, drugs, mayhem and rock and roll. Below you'll find a synopsis for all the stories in the anthology. At the end of which there is a question for a GIVEAWAY! A commenter with the correct answer to the question below will be chosen on January 6th.  Rock On! GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!!! Thank you everyone for participating.

Beautifully Destroyed- Beautifully Series 
by Gracie Wilson 
~Even something once destroyed can be beautiful again


Life can take you by surprise, it can also put you through hell. My fate was never my own to deal with. It was ruined before I even had a chance. It was a rough start and it hasn’t gotten much better. Hiding behind the walls of my room is how I get through each day. Destroyed doesn’t even begin to describe the way my life has been.
Finally, I get away and things are looking up. Of course nothing can go right and some things are just too much to bear. In comes the one thing I can’t have. I’ve read so many books and I know the drill. Rock stars and musicians are not for me. I can’t hide when they are always in the light. Something about him makes me want to step into that light, though.
He is constantly bringing me to new levels and places I could never imagine. The secrets I’ve tried to keep to myself are breaking into my new life. Having him around is helping but the outside world ruins us as well. I either have to take the chance and let him in or push him away once and for all. Every time I pull away he is right back here pushing his way back in. He is relentless, he is everything I shouldn’t have. Those secrets I tried to keep hidden begin to surface, bringing havoc to our lives.
The world so desperately wants to keep us apart and I might just let it to keep my secrets. Do I sit back and let the world pass me by or do I finally let those wounds heal and have the life he thinks I deserve?

The Prison Guard’s Son- Young Guns Book 1 
by LaVerne Thompson writing as Ursula Sinclair
~ I can only be who I am


I can only be who I am.

Pike ~ I never knew my mother. I tell people she died shortly after I was born, that stops any more questions. So I don’t have to say she was a convicted felon who died while in prison. Nor do I have to talk about the fact that my father was one of her guards. He raised me as best he could. The one thing I never had or wanted was a family, he was family enough. The only other thing I ever needed was my music. I never pretended to be anything other than what I am, but then she entered my life and my music suffered. I needed to be someone else, anyone else or I could never have her. She could never know the truth about me or I wouldn’t be there to save her.  
Eryn ~ I never knew my father. Growing up in a large extended family, I was never alone. I just grew up without a father. He died before I was born and while I always had adult male relatives to help guide me, I still missed him. He never even knew of my existence, but I felt his presence everyday of my life. His legacy helped shape me. Then I heard this voice one day, singing with such a soul deep loneliness. I had to respond. But when I did, he turned my world upside down.

When Karma comes to Call 
by Shyla Colt 
~ What you give out is what you get back

Rock singer Karma Good is looking to make a comeback after a battle with cocaine addiction and a long stint in rehab. Rebuilding her once prosperous career proves to be harder than she anticipated when a late night recording session turns bloody. After witnessing the murder of her crew, she narrowly escapes with her life and runs to the first person she can find for help.
After months working on a situation for a club up north, nomad Arsen Smarts is ready for a good time. He’s on his way to the clubhouse to party when trouble throws itself into his path. The steely determination in the girl’s brown eyes earns his respect. Moved, he decides to help her. But he’ll have to win the club’s approval first.
Add the sexy blonde, Chase, to the mix and who knows what will happen.

Urban Legends 
by Leanore Elliott
~ Let it burn until the fire is out

“Let It Burn Till The Fire Is Out”
A brother and sister, Morrison & Swade form a band in their teens. They both come from a long line of musicians & gypsies. Their wayward rock band life has led Morrison to a dangerous turn and Swade to all kinds of temptations.
Competing in the world of Rock bands can consume your life and the ups and downs might consume your soul.
When Swade meets up with Vale who rocked her world in high school, she remembers the burn from a lost love. Only now, Vale is a rock star and still makes her feel the fire. Should she put that blaze out or let it burn?

Scorpion Tail (Part 1)
by Yvonne Nicolas
~ Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll… and MURDER

Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll… and Murder
Four unlikely individuals come together and form the indie band, “Scorpion Tail”. Their wild, rebellious sound and dark lyrics thrust them into stardom in a small town in Georgia.
When a heinous murder is committed during one of their concerts, it puts the band under an unwanted spotlight. Because of their troubled pasts, they dread what the bad publicity will bring, but it doesn’t stop them from rocking on.
They gain the attention of Toshiro Matsuda, a tenacious detective from Japan, who is determined to link them to the crime.
Scorpion Tail’s lead singer, MonaLisa, has plans to throw him off his A-game to protect the band. In a turn of events, she finds herself attracted to him. But, if she gives in, Toshiro may uncover the secrets she keep.
While Toshiro was never one to fall for seduction, there is something about the sassy rock star that intrigues him. However, he is not the only who has his eyes set on her.
Will Toshiro be able to catch the killer, before MonaLisa is added to the death list?

by Charisma Knight
~Demons, dragons and dream

Ex musician Robert Jackson quit his band, Meticulous Thunder to save his relationship. Now he owes his fiancée, Jade an explanation for his strange actions, but how can he explain the dark secret he’s been hiding? Ghosts continue to haunt him from his painful past and out of desperation, he makes a decision that could push her away forever if he isn’t careful.
Jade can’t help but to be suspicious of Robert. Her emotions get the best of her when she realizes there’s so much more to her fiancée than meets the eye. For the longest time she’d been in denial, but now she must face the truth. Robert’s crazy behavior and hasty decisions leads her to believe there’s another woman involved and she knows for sanity’s sake, she must make some major adjustments in her life or suffer a broken heart. Can Robert and Jade recover their damaged relationship before it’s too late?

Opening Interlude (Interlude Series) 
by L.M. Pruitt
~ What do you do when love isn’t enough?

Miles Warren has spent his entire life chasing two dreams. One is marrying his childhood sweetheart. The second is singing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center.
But people change. So do dreams. And Miles will have to let go of both for a shot at stardom.
There are no opening acts in love.

by Angela Kay Austin
~ A Song for Nora

Melodee King loved few people. One left her when she was a child, one died, and the other she left in Memphis, TN. Her plan was simple, put Memphis in her rearview mirror and only stop through for an occasional plate of Memphis BBQ.
Riley Walker loved one woman, and one woman only. When she left, he went after her. Six months, he waited. She never spent enough days in the city or with him to give him a chance. That’s all he needed. All he wanted was one moment to love her again.
With a river of pain and tears between them, will Melodee and Riley ever be able to find the harmony between lyrics and music again?

The Reason Why. Breathless Series 
by Izzibella Beau
~ Everybody has one…a reason why.

What happens when you think you’ve met the man of your wildest dreams, only to find out that there is no way ever, in any shape of form, that he wanted any sort of relationship with you? Do you walk away or do you fight for the first time for something in your life that actually feels right?
Alabama’s life hadn’t been easy. She was born to an unwed mother, who couldn’t even remember Alabama’s daddy’s name, and top it all off her momma never took the time to stop partying to raise her the way a southern girl should be raised.
After being teased by school mates for twelve years of her life, about how her momma acted and the fact that she was named after the state she lived in, Alabama was going to college. Well, that all changed when her momma got arrested and the judge sentenced her to rehabilitation for eighteen months. Being without a house, money, or any family, Alabama was sent to live with her momma’s friend in North Carolina.
This was a brand new start, in a brand new state, brand new town, and a brand new college. No one here knew who she was or where she came from. She was free to do what she wanted for the first time ever in her life, falling in love just happened to be one of those first time things.
Alabama feel in love with two boys, brothers and the sons of the one she was sent to live with to be exact. One she loved as her best friend the other she loved because he stole away every breath she took.
Joshua and Hunter were as opposite as night and day. Joshua was the conservative brother who was a southern gentleman, and Hunter, well he put the word ‘bad’ in bad boy rocker.
Hunter had more problems than he had solutions. He just wanted to get on with his life, get his recording contract going once more, and live the life he’d always wanted. He never expected to have these feelings again, ones that made everything else take a back seat in his life except for the girl, ones that made him loose control, and ones that had the possibility of ruining his life once again. These feelings couldn’t be happening again, especially not with his mom’s new pet project, Alabama. 
Alabama loved Joshua, he was her confidant and best friend, but she wasn’t in love with him. She loved Hunter, but just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are going to love you back.
Should Alabama play it safe and stay with Joshua and never having that great feeling of longing, wanting, and desire? Or should she take a chance, maybe get her heart broken on the one that rocked her world inside and out and made her completely, utterly…breathless.

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