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Monday, April 04, 2016

White Wedding Spotlight

The creation of the Guardian Agents started with White Wedding.

Most authors are asked how did you come up with that idea? Or why did you do that? So I thought I’d talk about what started me down the path of the Guardian Agency Novel. First of all it really was just supposed to be one book, Ross and Shanna’s story but it wasn’t long before I realized I had 3 different stories to tell starting with White Wedding.

The first thing readers should know is that as crazy as some of the things happening in White Wedding seems, a lot of it actually happened or close enough. I of course took certain liberties hehehehehe.

The title White Wedding was a nod to the Billy Idol song as well as crazy frazzled brides. How many times have you watched a show where the bride has cold feet and at the first opportunity bolts from the church just before she says her I dos? Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride climbs out a window to get away from her groom, at least Shanna ran through the front doors of the church to get away after her groom after he was discovered kissing his best man. She didn’t even stop to give him a slap, her mom did it for her. Lol

I had her run off to the island of Margarita, a real place, it’s actually part of Venezuela. I was looking for some place exotic that wasn’t Jamaica or the Bahamas. I spent a week in Margarita, days after a military coup, fodder for another story. Anyway, I loved the place and that was my setting for Shanna and Ross’s vacation fling.

Once Shanna got back to town shit hit the fan with hang up phone calls. How many of you have gotten hang up phone calls? At the time I was getting these hang up calls and the caller ID would flash ‘number blocked’ or ‘out of area’ so of course I used it in my story. It was a telemarketer whose automated program had been stuck. Sometimes I’d answer and there was a recording other times it was just static and beeping. The phone company hadn’t been much help, I managed to write that into my story. I had also had a friend with a crazy ex who would call her and hang up just to irate her. I use inspiration wherever I find it. Lol

I created the dichotomy of a threesome in the story because I read a couple of books in the genre at the time and knew someone going through it. She accepted that type of relationship, and today talks about it quite openly but that’s her story to tell. Anyway, in White Wedding Shanna was having nothing to do with it, my story was about Shanna and Ross their relationship. I decided to make her ex-fiancé have issues, he wasn’t so much a really bad guy just desperate and lacking in judgment when it came to Shanna. And the character Ben, just plain exercised poor judgment, not to mention jealousy over Shanna, since Kevin really did love her.

As far as the crazy scene at the end, lol, ever been in an earthquake? Lol I have more than once. I knew I wanted to add an earthquake scene, how chaotic it can be, which is why I set it in LA. I used to live there. The funny thing is since I first wrote White Wedding I could have set it in Washington, DC. I happened to be in DC when there was an earthquake. I was on the 8th floor of an apartment building the building began to shake as I stood in horror staring out the window watching as bricks fell off the side of a building. Fodder perhaps for yet another story. Hmmm.

So there you have it. The background for some of the more pivotal scenes in White Wedding. After that Something Blue about a singer with a stalker was a piece of cake. Lol I wanted the heroine, River to have a long standing connection to both the stalker and her hero, Noah, to make it slightly different from other singer bodyguard storylines. In Wine & Roses I wanted to show that sometimes what you see is not always what you see with Eboni and Simon’s story.


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